Cellophane Gift Wrap

Today I'm sharing a cellophane gift wrap tutorial I created a couple of years ago. Cellophane bags are perfect for small gifts and quick! Here's how...

Start by laying your tissue paper out and placing your gift in the center at a diagonal, with the bottom of your gift lined up with the midline. You should have more paper below the gift than above.

Take the bottom corner and pull it up and over the gift. If you're working with square tissue paper you can match the corners. If using a rectangular piece of tissue paper like I am you can just match it closely to the top corner—the uneven corners just add more fluff at the top!


Next, hold your hand on the gift and fold the paper over from the left.

Then, repeat on the other side, folding the paper over from the right.

Take your loose end of tissue paper and fold it behind the gift.

Place the tissued gift, along with a gift tag if you'd like, inside the cellophane bag. Tie off with a bow and you're done!